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After the Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling, Advocates are optimistic State Question 820 will appear on the November 2022 ballot.

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Contact: Michelle Tilley, Campaign Director
Email: | Phone: (405) 849-4343

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued an order assuming jurisdiction to decide if State Question 820 will appear on the November 2022 ballot. However, the Justices are deferring making a final decision until after the ten-day protest period set by statute.

  • Quote: “We are thrilled the Court has officially recognized State Question 820 has more than enough valid signatures to be considered for the November 2022 ballot,” said Campaign Director Michelle Tilley. “It appears the Court is giving itself the opportunity to order SQ 820 on the ballot if we survive the protest period. We are confident that our more than 117,000 valid signatures will pass the 10-day protest period set by statute and are optimistic the Oklahoma Supreme Court will order State Question 820 on the ballot for the 2022 general election.”

Driving the News:
 The Court’s action came after organizers of State Question 820 filed an emergency lawsuit last week to ensure Oklahomans get to vote on the measure this November. State Question 820 is the only cannabis legalization initiative to secure enough valid signatures to appear on Oklahomans’ ballots. The campaign has previously acknowledged support for the ballot title set by State Attorney General John O’Connor. The campaign is eager to fulfill its pledge to Oklahoma voters and let people vote on the future of marijuana reform.

  • Quote: “We are grateful for the Justices’ thoughtfulness and expediency adjudicating this urgent matter, in accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the Oklahoma Constitution,” said Senior Campaign Advisor Ryan Kiesel. “We will follow the remaining process laid out in the law, as we always have.”

But: The campaign first has to survive a 10-day protest period challenging the validity of the initiative petition. Oklahoma has very stringent penalties and fines for frivolous challenges and lawsuits. The campaign is confident – after multiple internal audits, and the Secretary of State’s official report validating the signature count – that it will survive any frivolous challenges.

What Will It Do: If enacted by voters, State Question 820 will:

  • Legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis production for adults ages 21 and over.
  • Increase state and local funding for schools, healthcare, and other critical services.
  • Protect the public health and safety of all Oklahomans.
  • Provide common sense criminal justice reform and expungement for low-level marijuana offenses.
  • Defend the rights and civil liberties of patients and adult consumers.
  • Increase revenue for existing, fully compliant medical marijuana businesses with limited licensing
    opportunities for the first two years of the program.