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Cannabis Activist Calls for Unity, Support for SQ 820

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Contact: Michelle Tilley, Campaign Director
Email: | Phone: (405) 849-4343

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action (ORCA) Co-Founder Kris Masterman today announced his support of State Question 820, saying that leaders in the cannabis community need to unite around the state’s best chance to legalize recreational marijuana. Oklahomans will vote on SQ 820 on March 7 and determine whether the state will legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for adults over 21.

Masterman was one of the architects of two other marijuana-related ballot initiatives, State Question 818 and State Question 819, which overhauled the state’s medical cannabis program and also legalized recreational marijuana for adults. Neither initiative received the signatures needed to get on a statewide ballot.

Masterman says that the community of business leaders, activists and others interested in marijuana policy should now throw their support behind SQ 820.

“It is with a full heart that I endorse State Question 820 because I believe it will help Oklahoma businesses and promote criminal justice reform,” said Masterman. “This will save our state hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary arrests and incarceration, and it will also raise hundreds of millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue.

“As a former proponent of State Questions 818 and 819, I realize that many of us in the cannabis community had similar goals but different methods,” Masterman continued. “Now is the time to unite behind SQ 820, vote yes on March 7, and ensure that Oklahoma is able to take the next big step forward. We can’t succeed as a community if we allow yesterday’s divisions to impede today’s progress.”